Advance New Zealand/NZPP will promote prevention of disease as the basis of healthcare, prioritising this over profit for pharmaceutical companies.

Advance New Zealand/NZPP assert that proven natural immunity-boosting options should be promoted in public healthcare and should be easily accessed by whanau struggling with poverty-related issues. Prevention ensures real health, and this is the goal before medical intervention.

We believe that all health and medical practices should be based on high-quality research evidence where possible, and not on relationships with drug manufacturers. We will review all current agreements between the government and pharmaceutical companies, and we will appoint an independent board to investigate these agreements and the products involved.

The Bill of Rights will establish protocols where achieving health is based on the autonomy and sovereignty of the person, ensuring their unique needs, rather than quotas, are being met.

Health is related to housing

Cold, dark, damp houses infested with mold and mildew are a major factor behind poor health and are directly related to poverty. Housing and building laws should incorporate robust health standards, not just minimum standards, as part of design and function.

Mandatory vaccination is a violation of human rights

Discrimination based on 'vaccine compliance' is also a violation of human rights. The Section 11 orders in the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act that "require compliance with any measures, or impose prohibitions that contribute or are likely to contribute to preventing the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19" can be made to include mandatory vaccination. This act will be repealed.

Life and health begin at conception

We want to make sure the rights of the unborn child are protected from conception, along with the rights of the mother. We recognise and support each woman’s sovereignty over her own body. Our current abortion laws and rates are symptoms of a society which does not value and support mothers, motherhood, and children.

We do recognise this as a ‘right to choose’ issue; however, we are against using abortion as a method of contraception and the killing of babies for fetal tissue and organ harvesting. We also understand that there could be reasons for abortion such as rape, incest, unsafe pregnancy and health risks, but we consider the law as it currently stands to be inhumane. Therefore, we are dedicated to repealing it, but will take the issue to a binding public referendum. We will include a thorough abortion education campaign during the referendum about what abortion means in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

People have the right to prevent unwanted pregnancy, regardless of religion or creed. We will fully fund contraception and promote contraceptive research. We will review adoption laws so that it is easier for unwanted babies to be adopted by suitable and caring parents.

It is important to us that we get our policy right; to ensure this we are currently in consultation with a wide group of people who work in this field, including midwives and doctors.